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January 23 2016


The Origin and Concept of Iron Cross Jewelry

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Iron cross jewelry is popular all over the world. Ironically though, people that wear it perpetuate the tradition and symbolism of the ancient iron cross without actually understanding what it means. Large crosses are worn throughout the neck, and can be found on bracelets and finger rings especially through the younger generation who are into biker type and/or gothic themed accessories. But the audience is not restricted to the latter, some people the same as the looks of it. Continue reading to find out the importance of this famed cross ever sold.

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Historical Origins

Most people that sport iron cross jewelry put it on for mainly one good reason, and it's typically not due to the historical virtues. Traditionally they were worn as a World war 2 German decoration, while many wear it as a symbol of hate for your Nazi party of Germany.

However, the foundation of the iron cross dates back hundreds of years to the era of the Teutonic knights. The Teutonic knights displayed the main cross as a symbol of their power and authority. It absolutely was a feared and respected symbol that was recognized throughout the globe. It represented honor, justice and bravado. However, it faded into oblivion within the minds of the average man or woman and was revived by Hitler during the World War II when he tried it as a decoration to the highest acts of bravery around the battle field.

The Embracement by Urban Culture

As the cross was worn proudly by a lot of Nazis, it is also worn like a mark of hatred by neo-nazis for the German political party represented. Perhaps all this has added a certain amount of charisma to the iron cross that has been a part of a range of jewelry worn by old and young alike without actually knowing where it comes from.

Bikers particularly put it on as a part of their style that's distinctively not the same as others around them. Thus, this style has actually become a fashion statement, particularly the gothic themed with dark outline accents.

Bikers especially appreciate large, properly heavy jewelry with either skulls or bones emblazoned or embedded into it. Daggers, swords, and fleur-de-lis themed iron cross jewelry increases the standard crosses appeal. The indication of the biker group's loyalty to beliefs in rebellion and power is an art form for daily jewelry wear.

Fortunately today you can find hundreds of styles and variations from the original design due to metals such as metal and sterling silver. However the best designs come from real bikers that pour their creativity and elegance passionately into creating appealing iron cross jewelry.

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